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Beginner Guitar Lessons

What’s up everyone. I know a lot of the content here at the Axe usually deals with some complex musical concepts but I receive questions and concerns from beginners as well. I don’t want to leave anyone out. I am now offering some beginner level guitar lessons through powhow. These will mostly deal with introductory theory concepts. I have a couple of Chord Scale lessons up now, with more beginner chords/progressions, theory and rhythm lessons coming soon.  Leave a comment if you have any topic requests.

Don’t forget I also offer 1 on 1 lessons in person or via skype. Don’t be shy :)

Online Tool Lessons Now Available!

Hey Everybody Online Tool lessons are now available. A lot of you have been waiting patiently and I appreciate that greatly. This lessons will be running weekly at their given time slot. Over time another songs will be added in. To start we’ll be working with the most requested songs, which are:

These lessons will be in group format. Seats for each class will be limited. Frequent and returning students will absolutely be given free lessons!  This group format should be fun. Besides the song tutorial we will be discussing tone/effects setup for the given song as well as performance tips. Everyone can share their unique perspectives on the given track. For each class I will provide the guitar tab/song transcription so everyone can follow along and work on the the song afterwards. Running time for each class is 60 minutes. I look forward to working with everyone on these tracks for they are a blast to play. See the link below to schedule your classes!

Bandhappy Lessons

So I’ve received a lot of questions asking if I teach on Well, I do now! If you want lessons through Bandhappy feel free to search my name, either Gregory Bolomey or Axeofcreation. I will  be setting up a variety of different types of lessons. We can go more in depth on the videos and lessons that I have posted already. If you want a more detailed or personalized curriculum I would suggest lessons via Skype (axeofcreation) although Bandhappy would work as well…I guess :)

For all of those who are looking for Tool lessons, this is the place! We could even get group classes going. I will set up lessons for a majority of Tool’s repertoire. Song transcriptions will be emailed to you prior to the lesson so you have the music infront of you as I explain the song. Prices and length of the Tool lesson will vary depending on the length of song. Your not gonna get through all of Rosetta Stoned in 30 min.

Please feel free to reblog and/or share with those who might be interested. Thanks so much, I look forward to working with even more of you!!!

More Tool lessons coming very soon…I swear

As the requests keep pouring in I promise I will get you guys some more Tool lessons asap. Specifically “Lateralus” and “Anemia”. Your welcome :)

Lesson Transcriptions

Apologies for the repeated posts…

The transcriptions to all Axe of Creation lessons are now available for download

The Djent Clinic

What’s going on everyone? So I’ve been conspiring and collaborating with fellow musician Addison Kurt. He is a fabulous drummer from England. Doesn’t the internet make the world small? Amazing, anyway we will be putting together some joint lessons called the Djent Clinic. We will be focusing on djent/tech/math metal theory. Learning how to incorporate Polymeter, Syncopation, Odd times and Group or Pattern based ideas among many. Addison will be explaining in detail how he would approach the drum parts and I vice versa. Should be a lot of fun. I really think you guys will dig what we do. Our first lesson should be up by the holiday. For you drummers out there, here is the link to his youtube channel, The Practice Vlog