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Line 6 HD Pro
Brit J-800 & F-Ball Amp models
Single track recorded via USB. No post effects. 

Just wanted to share a tone test I did with the Line 6 HD Pro. I only recorded a single stereo track, using no post effects/eq. The bare minimum to hear exactly what your getting. For those of you out there who are capable I will put the Patch file for download on my website ( I’ll upload to Line 6 soon enough. For whatever reasons it didn’t up load when I tried. 

Make sure to check out my facebook/axeofcreation for a bonus video. Just a quick run through of the Patch setup and chain. Thank for your ‘Like” :)

I will make this backing track available for those who’d like to rip over it!

Line HD Pro tone test

I posted tone tests of some of the high gain amp models in the new Line 6 HD Pro. Specifically the Engl Fireball and the Mesa/Boogie Rectifier. The guitars were tracked direct via USB. I used no post effects besides a low pass filter (80 hz) and a high pass filter (12k). For those of you who record guitar it would be wise to incorporate this technique. Removing those high end frequencies will help remove some extra noise, while the clearing the low frequencies to make room for kick drum and bass guitar. There are a total of 3 samples up. One with each amp alone then one with both amps combined. I doubled tracked each amp and panned L & R. Not a hard pan though. For each amp, one track was panned about 90% while the other was about 75%.

Check out one of my soundcloud pages for the tests.

Combined recording of both the Engl and Mesa amp models. Each double tracked and panned L & R. Not Post effect besides and Low Pass/High Pass filter. Direct recording USB.

This is a test tone for the Engl Fireball model. Direct recorded via USB. Double tracked and panned L & R. No post effects except Low/High Pass filters. 

Drive 40%

Bass 35%

Mids 55%

Treble 76%

Pres 60%

ER 10%

SAG 40%

HUM 40%

Bias 0%

Bias X 45%

This is a test tone of the Mesa Boogie Rectifier model. Double tracked and panned L & R. Direct recorded via USB. Not post effect except Low/High Pass filters. 

Drive 55%

Bass 45%

Mid 45%

Treble 76%

Pres 90%

ER 12%

SAG 42%

Hum 40%

Bias 0%

Bias X 40%

Line 6 HD Pro

Welcome to the family! This things rocks. I would recommend it to anyone. The amount of effects and sonic possibilites are almost overwhelming. I’ve dialed in some high gain, face melting tones   as well as some extremely tasty lead and clean tones. I will be posting some tone tests probably next week on my Soundcloud. Time to re-record and unleash the flood gates for The Dead Peasants Collection. Gonna be sick!

side note: Tone tests have to wait till next week because my HD Pro had a faulty memory chip in it. The techs over at Line 6 said that would keep my HD Pro from communicating with my computer, ie record via USB or edit sounds with the HD Edit Program (which is dope!!). The tech was baffled that I was able to do all of this when according to him that’s impossible. Long story short-Test tones next week :)